OCTOBER 10, 2014 — APRIL 2, 2016



Made of 1.4 million feet of recycled lobster-fishing rope, and painted with 350 gallons of terra cotta colored paint, Terra weaved its way through the center section of Campbell Park, located at NW 11th and Broadway, just north of downtown Oklahoma City. The installation ran Oct. 20, 2014, through April 2, 2016.

“When visiting Oklahoma I was taken by the vastness of the open landscape and envisioned a line that would travel in a continual motion winding through the patch of land on which the work sits,” said Genger. The artist said the term “red dirt” inspired her color choice, “which relates both to the clay-like nature of the earth, and to the bricks with which we build walls.”

Dubbed the “rope wrangler,” Genger hand knits and shapes hundreds of miles of discarded lobster rope into massive sculptures that traverse the space and incorporates the piece into the landscape. Her art encourages visitors to explore the terrain in a new way and interact with the larger-than-life pieces.

– See more at: http://oklahomacontemporary.org/exhibits/recent-exhibits/orly-genger/